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Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse January 10 2020

This month's full moon eclipse propels buried feelings and desires to the surface; you could find yourself in tears after howling as the bandages are torn off your emotions. The key to it all is to listen to the messages of your heart. Messages are coming from a place covered up or ignored, and the desires of the heart won't be denied any longer. This month, release the bondage of the opinions of others and inhabit your authentic self. There may be tears as you let go and grieve the outdated ways you negotiated for your self-worth. Your worth is not negotiable. Let the light of this eclipse sweep aside old ways, clearing the deck for your innate worthiness to emerge from the shadows. Ritual The truth is coming for you. Honor your true desires by sitting with them in acknowledgment and recognition. Attempts to deny or run could result in dramatic expression and compulsiveness.  Hide no more. Sit in a safe space and let the sounds of your mind settle. Light a candle t

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