The Witch Is In

Located in Historic Grandin Village, I am available to perform handfastings, weddings, and blessings ceremonies, including house cleansing and pet and child blessings. I am a legal officiant for wedding ceremonies in the Commonwealth of Virginia and surrounding states.

I am a doyenne of the white arts, and am available for consultation on a wide variety of topics, from natural healing remedies to the reduction of stress and uncertainty in your life. I am available as your willingness leads you, and will work with you for the discovery of a path that leads to your best life.

In response to the great number of requests: Yes; I can perform a medieval ceremony for you and your partner. I am able to do traditional ceremonies, historic ceremonies, and wiccan ceremonies. I am able to tailor the ceremony to your preferences, and have a number of options available for your choosing.

I specialize in earth and herbal magic, with a focus on healing and supporting the earth and all the beings on it. I believe that love and living in loving intention has a power to heal us all.

In addition to custom ceremonies, I craft herbal salves and potions, and can write written blessings as well. I do not do love spells or curses, as these efforts seek to interfere with the life and path of another, and this is against my code of ethics.

 Please feel free to consult me for ceremonial or healing arts for yourself or for those you care for.

Ceremonies Performed:

Weddings -- legal officiant in Virginia and surrounding states
House Blessings
House Cleansing
Child Blessings
Pet Blessings

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