Full Moon in Scorpio May 2019

May's full moon in Scorpio is all about digging beneath the surface, discovering what we have been hiding from ourselves and what we really feel, showing us what has been holding us back from getting what we desire, letting go of what stands in the way of our personal power.

This full moon we harvest the seeds sown at the Scorpio new moon in November last year. Reflect back on what you wished for around election day (in the USA). What has come to pass since then? What has been revealed about your secrets, desires, and intentions? What have you learned about your willingness to get what you want?

 This is an excellent moon to start counseling or to work with a mentor. Journalling is especially favored, as is meditation. Sit in the moonlight if you can, and let revelation bloom within you. Relationships and personal interactions are likely to be intense.

Beware selfishness and jealousy, victimization and aggression. These tendencies are often covering deeper feelings, possibly even karmic issues. Be brave!

Dig deep and work with a guide to heal wounds - your soul wants to be free from old routines that no longer serve you. You are ready to experience a richer life. Deep, karmic healing is possible at that moment through release of old, competitive ways that are rooted in fear. Acceptance, acknowledgement, and self compassion are the ways to a deeper authenticity.

Scorpio Full Moon Ritual
Scorpio's watery depths reflect your potent authentic self.

Fill a bowl with water.
Add flower blossoms or a couple drops of essential oil, if you like.
Write a list of qualities you would like to enhance or infuse into your life. Write as many as you feel drawn to, letting a sense of personal power and fulfillment guide you. Qualities such as compassion, strength, trust, intuition, peace are examples that are especially in tune with Scorpio's roots in real power.

Place the paper under the bowl, leaving both in the light of the full moon, outside or near a window. Sit with the bowl, journalling or meditating on the qualities you have listed, while making yourself willing to release the habits and fears that have blocked you in the past.

Leave the bowl out overnight.
Use the water in your bath or shower the next day, letting the moon-infused water fill you with power while it washes away what has held you back.

Burn the paper, and give gratitude.

Write a note in your moon journal, one column for the desired qualities you listed, and another for the Revelations of what has been blocking you or keeping you in fear.

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