New Moon in Gemini

The new moon invites our focus inward, focusing on reflection, intention, and manifestation. With the moon joining the sun in Gemini, our charisma is given a boost, with charming words and ways flowing more easily.

This is a great time to reflect in your dreams, both the nightly musings and your Big Why. The Gemini New moon opens an opportunity to express our heart's desire, and to do that we need to reflect on our heart, letting the Why of who we are surface.

In a space where you feel most yourself, sit quietly with your hand on your heart chakra. Let yourself be comfortable as you listen to your heart tell you what is most central and what it most wants.

When you feel centered, write a few lines about what was revealed. Include these as an intentional guide to your self expression. Think of ways you can manifest your authentic voice in small but deliberate ways over the coming months. If you have a moon garden space, light a candle while you focus on your heart and your throat chakras, envisioning the connection between the two made manifest.

Blow the candle out and let your intention become part of the air around you. Reflect on the notion of  heart-centered self expression.

Make a note in your moon journal to revisit this intention in six months when the Gemini moon is full.

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