Solar Eclipse: July 2, 2019

We're starting to feel the influence of the upcoming solar eclipse (visible in South America), a very potent alignment for releasing old ways and moving in the direction of our truer selves.

Karma has been revealed through this alignment, and a new way forward will be presented. There will be tension a-plenty, but if we lean into it and work through in integrity -- by loving and healing the undermining insecurities that we have brought with us this far -- we can open greater self-control, inner strength, and personal maturity.

The path to this new ground is through a land of willingness and commitment enacted through the discomfort of change. These opportunities will be especially heightened until the lunar eclipse on July 16.

Be sure to look at the next couple weeks to find the themes in your personal life that will be awakened during the powerful planetary alignment in January 2020. Make a note in your moon journal for the January 2020 full moon in Capricorn -- a section that could use a few extra pages for all the alignments and notes that are going on!

Especially be open to the notion of divine messages from beyond the veil. For some, the dreamscape may already be very rich in imagery and emotion. Listen to the many ways in which the Universe is speaking to you, including pointing a way to your calling.

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