New Moon in Cancer

Trust Yourself, Love Yourself

This new moon reveals where you need a sense of security and belonging. If you open to the message, you can nurture connectedness in others, in yourself, and between yourself and others. This is a great time to take stock of what makes you feel good about you, and what holds you emotionally.

Beware! Any moon in Cancer is a super-emotionally-infused time. This could lead to outbursts and tears, and a quick vacillation from one to the other, seemingly without rhyme or reason. Mother and home issues appear everywhere and bubble up from within.

If there are needs and gaps in your emotional security, journal about ways to fill them with healthy outlets and activities -- you deserve love! If there are things in your life that are (self-)destructive, now is a great time to turn away and find something (or someone) new. You deserve healthy connections, a sense of being heard and seen, and the emotional safety and security to be yourself.

Make a note in your moon journal of how you feel during the days around this new moon. Visit these notes again January 10, 2020 and see how the intentions of this moon have become manifest.

Anything pink harmonizes well with this Cancer new moon, a soft, heart-centered glow that can reveal a new path of emotional security and wellness.

  1. Write down three ways in which you would like to be connected with others, and areas that need more love and nurture.
  2. List three ways in which you can nurture connectedness and emotional safety with others in your life.
  3. Bury the list under an intention plant or in the dirt of your garden. 
  4. Sit quietly near the planted spot, and let the intention fill you.

Walk in gratitude: the Universe loves you and wants you to be happy.

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