New Moon in Scorpio: October 27, 2019

The new moon this month is supercharged, bringing insights and disruptions. Connected to Uranus in Taurus, the messages of reformation and rebellion create a whirlwind that seems abrupt, often leaving us filled with edginess at all the unexpected and shocking events and personalities we encounter.

You or one of your tribe might burst into unreliable, crazy, or provocative behavior, or a new person might crash into your life with voltaic force only to disappear just as suddenly with the world about you all in pieces from the storm. Selfishness -- our own and that of others -- gets a boost, while patience seems completely absent. Freak accidents are also a possibility.

The only way through here is to be flexible since any planning is an exercise in futility and frustration until this charge is depleted over the coming fortnight.

Sit in a space that feels safe and secure for you. Think of the things that center you. Create a space inside you from the back of your head that travels within you vertically like a lightning rod. Feel the ground beneath your sit bones holding you, ready to receive the unreliable, provocative, and chaotic deluge that surrounds you. Open yourself to be a conduit of energy instead of a target of mayhem.

In your moon journal, write about your dreams and your insights this weekend. Keep a pen with you in the coming days while you are out and about; jot down a word or two about the times that you feel jostled out of your comfort zone.

Later, when the disruption has passed for a moment ot two, make a cup of tea and reflect: what insights this can show you about yourself and the messages the Universe is sending to you.

  • What bumped you into an awkward or off-balance position? 
  • What was uncomfortable about it? 
  • What was the best part of how you responded or reacted? 
  • What was the worst? 

Make a note in your Moon Calendar on May 7, 2020, to revisit these insights, when the revelations become manifest.

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